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Baptism Theme Cake and Decoration at Sunoro Church, Kochi, Kerala - Partytime With Aladin

Baptism Theme Cake and Decoration at Sunoro Church, Kochi, Kerala

This is angel themed baptism decoration oreganised at St. Marys Soonoro Patriachal Cathedral Hall, Kadavantra, Kochi, Kerala. The cake was desined by Dr.Shaly Solomon, Styling: Seline, Concept: Partyime With Aaldin. Client: Soumya Sam.

Baptism Decoration Cochin, Kerala by Partytime

This is simple decoration we did for a baptism celebration in Panampilly Nagar Cochin, Kerala.

White cloth, hand-cut butterflies, giant bible model and lavander balloons used.

Themed Birthday Cakes in Cochin

Are you looking for a birthday cakes in Cochin? Why don't you consider a themed cakes, this will be not only just a surprise gift to the birthday child but will be remembered and discussed for the moths to come by your guest.

Our cake designers are talented artist, they can make you cake that look like real Micky Mouse, Minni, Ben10, Disney princes, you imagine our designers will make it.

Every time we deliver a themed cake, we get a wow response from everyone attending the party

Why You Need A Professional Birthday Organiser, Planner or Stylist For Your Next Birthday Party?

Birthday Parties are very common among the city life Kochi. It brings life to social of Kochi very much.

Birthday parties are becoming detailed and complicated in design and planning. Organising a party is not only time consuming but also requires lots of skills. What if most of the people don't have time to spend on the organizing part?

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